About Us
We are a group of educators, parents and community members with a passion for the Montessori education method.  We are excited to offer the only Montessori Elementary School serving the St. Cloud area. Central MN Montessori will open its doors for the School Year 2018-19. 
Central Minnesota Montessori's Elementary program is divided into two multi-age settings. Elementary 1 includes grades one through three, and Elementary 2 combines grades four through six. 
During our first year we will offer First through Third grade. 
For more information, see our FAQ page.
It is the policy of Central Minnesota Montessori to utilize the best of qualified people to perform the many tasks necessary in providing the best quality Montessori education. The Central Minnesota Montessori Board of Directors and staff will not discriminate against Central Minnesota Montessori employees, students, applicants or volunteers because of race, religion, color, national origin / ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation, age, marital status, disability, creed, status as a disabled veteran, or status as a recipient of public assistance.

About Us